Are Your Doors Boring?

Interior Wood Door Replacement Nassau County New York

Homeowners are always asking me for affordable but meaningful ways to spruce up their homes. Besides new paint colors or accent moldings I always ask them if they’ve ever looked at their doors? We’ll as you might expect I either get an awkward look or a “light bulb” moment.

You see most homes built in the 1950’s throughout Long Island tend to have wood colored hollow core doors. These doors obviously serve a purpose of privacy but have absolutely no curb appeal to them if you will.  This was just the trend at the time.

So what is a Hollow Core Door you ask? Hollow Core doors are actually hollow inside as the name might imply. The inside “core” of the door is a framework of cardboard or pulp structure, sandwiched between two sheets of very fine pressed wood.

So what are the alternatives…? would I have to replace the entire door and frame? We’ll yes and no. Take a trip down to your local home improvement retailer and check out the many styles of door slabs. Door slabs are what is referred to as the actual door minus the frame and usually any of the hardware such as a handle and locking mechanism.

You have so many different choices to choose from. If you like the rich look of a solid wood 6 panel door, they’ve got it. Or you could check out a three panel designer door. Each different door slab comes in a variety of wood or plastic “skins” in different colors.

These new materials allow you to accent different rooms in your house, which might inspire your decorating choices from molding colors to furniture placement.

And the best part you might ask…

For the most part you can replace just the door for most of the more common styles. If you have to replace the frame this is the perfect do it yourself project for the weekend warrior!

Why Choose Pro Source Contractor Services For Door Replacement and Installations?

Steve HensonWe’ll treat your home as if we were working on our own.  We are excellent communicators, we work safely and we keep a clean worksite too.  When you choose to work with Pro Source Contractor Services for your door replacement and upgrade project in Long Island NY you are partnering with a small, family owned/operated, local company.  We take great pride in the quality of our finished work and we love helping homeowners improve their homes!

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